Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What could be lurking behind the shower curtain?

Happy Midweek everyone. I'm still packing and painting.  I have a broken femur, so I can be up only for small amounts of time before I to go sit back down and prop the leg back up.  Normally I would of had the island painted in a weekend and I would not have even started packing yet.  OK - enough whinning.

So what is lurking in the downstairs bathroom?

That would be all the books out of these

the Misters bookcases in his office.  Still a little packing on them to do.  Then his file cabinets, desk and both hutches.  I have also started on the living room, which now looks like this

 Umm, yes, starting to look like a clean canvas.  I may just start fall decorating when the new floor is finished.  One more area to show you...

Have you ever seen anything so sad as a unadorned dinning room table, well  maybe this

Boo - an empty, bare chocolate table.  Oh, well  all the rooms will be back better then ever with the new flooring.   I would say this is a "Wow"worthy mess. I am joining the party at Kim's .


Thanks for stopping by to see my mess.  I hope to have something pretty to show ya'll soon.


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CAS said...

Having just finished packing, moving & now unpacking, I don't envy you one bit even if it is for something wonderful like a new floor -- and with a broken femur no less! Good luck to you! I'm a new follower.
:) CAS