Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ripping up the floor

Happy Wednesday!  Today I thought I would show you the mess from last Monday when the first floor was being ripped up - and some more pictures of  the new floor.  The mess will make you say Wow! 

This is all the old wood from the kitchen and breakfast area. The carpeted area is where most of the furniture was placed/piled up.  The men who did the floors where really great, they had to keep shuffling furniture.  The did not scarch or break anything. 

It took most of Monday to get the floor and carpet removed.  And only two days to lay all the flooring and move the furniture back.  They had estimated ten hours of cleaning, and it took every hour of that time.

Here is a picture of the last little bit of floor to be laid.  They did a really amazing job.

Here is a picture from the breakfast area looking into the dining room.  J, my teenage son, was so upset when we told him all  the carpet was coming out downstairs.  He kept saying he likes the soft carpet.  As I told him, when he is home 99% of the time he spends in his room.  When he got home from school, he said he wanted hardwood floors in this room!  Funny kid.

This is in the Mister's office. The floor looks great, but look at that dusty desk! Told you it tooks hours of dusting everything - furniture, pictures, window sills - and windows, the walls.  I have finally got all the box's unpacked, so I will be showing you the rest of the dining room soon. 

Thanks for stopping by to have a look.  Make it an amazing day.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time for a change

Hello everyone!  Thanks for all the sweet comments on my new floors and chandlier.  And a special thanks to all my new followers.  I have to get better organized as to when all the parties happen.  You ladies sure love to party.  Which is great, I get so much inspiration seeing everything ya'll are up to.  Today is Table Top Tuesday at Marty's, so I thought I would show you my foyer table.  It is already for fall.

It is "time for a change", hence the clocks.  Time for cooler weather, football and comfort food.  I put two of my faux old clocks on top and a real old mantel clock on the bottom.  The clock was given to the Mister by a older lady that he helped move some heavy items for, she was going to throw it out. Ummm, no.

See I really playing with ya'll - I had to sit on the front steps in the foyer, then scoot down to the floor and slide to the table.  That's ok, ya'll are worth it.  The basket of flowers was a gift from a friend.

Here is one end of the table with a tray that was a recent find at HG, a couple of small cloches with mini pumkins and one of the faux clocks.  The clock looks a little frenchy.  I got it a couple weeks ago at TJMaxx.

At the other end another faux clock found at Belks years ago and a little tray with silver & copper pumkin and some golden keys.

Thanks for stopping, make it an amazing day.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Updated Dining Room

Hello Ya'll....Hope everybody had an amazing weekend, and if you where in the path of Irene I hope today finds you and yours well.

As promised, I have some pictures of my updated dining room with the new chandelier, medallion and new hard wood floors.  I am so excited about this room, it is almost where I want it to be (for now, wink).

The new chandy, medallion and a peek at the new floor.  I feel like it's my birthday or something! I love the pretty  shadows that are being cast on the ceiling.  Yes, that is a fall arrangement on the table.  I decided with this broken leg to go ahead with some of my fall  things. Otherwise, I would be repacking the things I just unpacked.  Below is the close up on the fall basket I put together.  The faux leaves and pumpkins will be replaced will real in a couple of weeks.

Pretty shadows....sigh...

Another showing the shadows playing on the trey ceiling.

The new floor is Asian Hickory by Santa Fe in cinnamon.  It is hand carved 5" planks in a rich red with black.  I am loving that now the first floor is not chopped up by carpet in the formal rooms and the family room.  It really does make the area flow better and seems even larger.

The second picture really shows how rich the colors are.  The floor really goes well with my cherry dining room furniture and the cherry cabinets in the kitchen.  And it really pops with the newly painted island in black.

Well, if you are still with my - thanks! I am just loving the dining room and wanted to show you the new chandy and floors.  I will show you the rest of the room in a day or two.

Make it an amazing day!


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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Looking up....

It seems great minds think alike, or at least think UP.   Miss Savvy Southern Style,  Kim  was already  well on her way to make her dining room more fabulous, while I was just trying to leave the noise and dust of my home to find a easy project that would no longer trap me upstairs. 

A easy project started me thinking about this box in my garage.  She had been shunned for more than a week!

Did you notice how dusty and ignored she looks?  Well, I decided she needed to be Welcomed in her new home.  I already loved her (after all, she is the third one I picked this year!!, sad but true), so I did not want to see her sent away like all the others.  She was well prepared for her travels...look:

Can you tell she KNOWS how to travel?  Metal bars to protect her (she is beautiful) foam to insulate and plastic just in case no one is home to welcome her in  right away.

(from Ballards site)

Yes I am hoping three times is a charm.  I had SO much fun painting, glazing and adding a bit of glam for her, I am sure we will all be happy.

I did not take a picture "out of the box", but you all have seen these, just basic white poly-what ever. The first two coats where the same gold as the ceiling. I started with a regular paint brush, but soon learned a cheapy foam brush worked best to get to all the details.  After it dried I used some left over glaze and it started to look like this..


I really love the darkness in the details, as you know it makes it look very old and loved.

Here's another view....just smitten....but for now it had to dry overnight.....

When I got up I decided she need a bit more glam, as in Rub n' Buff in antique gold... perfect touch...


Love, sweet love.....and then more of this magic (it IS fun to play!!)

The Mister is going to hang both today, so I will have a picture tomorrow to show ya'll.  I will also show you the new floors in the dinning room.  Finally the dinning room is almost the way I want it. So excited.

I want to thank all of ya'll who stopped by to see my summer front porch.  A special thanks to all who left such sweet comments and became my newest followers.  I have felt very welcome in blog land! Hope all who are/where in the path of Irene are fine and with power.  Make it an amazing Sunday!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The end of front porch 2011...

I have not shown you my summer porch for this year, well..I only started my blog a little over two weeks ago and since I am having new floors put down this week and had to show you "What is lurking behind my shower curtain" last week...Hope ya'll think this is a little bit prettier. : )

One of the things I really love about my front porch is the brick, it is just so pretty and easy to keep clean.

This is the cute tea cart I found earlier this summer at Home Goods.  I added some lanterns, cute birds and a copper watering can with red sunflowers on top.

The cart is sitting on a pretty rug - that I did not get a good picture of - along with a welcome slate, large lantern, plant and a vase to help balance.  The rockers need a new coat of paint!

Here is a picture standing in the yard showing both rockers and the cart. I think it looks welcoming. The Mister and I sit out here often, just talking and watching the neighbor's kids play.

Here's a view looking down to the other end of the porch.  The flower pot at the end was filled with beautiful, overflowing red flowers.  Then I forgot to water for two days, they where no match for this Georgia heat.  I had replace them.

They are filling in nicely, I only bought four plants since I knew they would not be in there for long.

Lastly here is the front door with a grapevine wreath with white flowers.  I should of gotten a better picture of the front door. There is sidelights on both sides, it was one of many splurges when we had the house built.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my front porch.  If you are  in the neighborhood do stop by and we can chat and sip some ice cold sweet tea.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What could be lurking behind the shower curtain?

Happy Midweek everyone. I'm still packing and painting.  I have a broken femur, so I can be up only for small amounts of time before I to go sit back down and prop the leg back up.  Normally I would of had the island painted in a weekend and I would not have even started packing yet.  OK - enough whinning.

So what is lurking in the downstairs bathroom?

That would be all the books out of these

the Misters bookcases in his office.  Still a little packing on them to do.  Then his file cabinets, desk and both hutches.  I have also started on the living room, which now looks like this

 Umm, yes, starting to look like a clean canvas.  I may just start fall decorating when the new floor is finished.  One more area to show you...

Have you ever seen anything so sad as a unadorned dinning room table, well  maybe this

Boo - an empty, bare chocolate table.  Oh, well  all the rooms will be back better then ever with the new flooring.   I would say this is a "Wow"worthy mess. I am joining the party at Kim's .


Thanks for stopping by to see my mess.  I hope to have something pretty to show ya'll soon.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thrift store finds

 Happy Saturday! I like to stop by my local Good Will at least once a week.  I don't always find anything I can use, but this week I got two lucky finds.  First up is this beautiful silver champagne bucket.   The tag is marked $6.49, but I got her half price - only $3.25! Score!! As you can see she has very little tarnish, but lots of finger print smudges, I was holding on tight!  I will probably save her for Christmas with some pretty reds ornaments or greenery.

My other lucky find was this Southern Living at Home plant holder. She was only $4.54, I don't know how much she was new, but I would guess around $30. Score again! I'm glad she came home  with me because she will look great on my front porch with some fall leaves or flowers in her.

The rest of the weekend plans are to try to finish painting the island and start packing the downstairs for the guys to lay the new floor.

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