Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Color for Pantry Door

Hello!  This week is just flying, at least we are closer to the weekend.  After I did my kitchen tour , here, I was not liking the white pantry door.  I have been looking at getting a frosted glass door, but have not found one I loved.  But, now after looking at the picture I wanted something dark to go with the fridge on one side and the ovens on the other side.  It is strange that seeing a picture gives a better idea of how something looks vs seeing it in person.  Here is the before...

And here is the now...

I think it looks so much better.  It blends in better then having that big splash of white.  So what do you think? 

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kitchen Tour - Part 2

Happy Sunday!  It has taken me longer then I planned to finish up my kitchen tour.  If you would like to see Part 1 you can find it here.

Starting where I left off, next to the double ovens is the coffee station, the stove with microwave over it, then the part of the counter with knives, spoon rest and fresh fruit basket.  We installed the slate tile back splash in January. Well the Mister did I was just the helper. He did an awesome job.  I stacked the tiles the way I wanted them laid and he laid them up.  This was actually a small tile job compared to the first one we did. In our last home we gutted the master bathroom and started from scratch, including rebuilding the shower.  I am a lucky lady to have a husband that is not only a sweetheart but a great "handy man".  When I say "we" it means he did it, I was the helper. : )  This picture really shows all the beautiful colors in the slate. It makes me smile every time I look at all the colors.

Here is a close up of the coffee station.  The Mister was so pleased when I brought home this wire coffee cup to store his K cups in, no more going to the pantry to get coffee! 

Next we come to the corner sink.  I love this area so much - on one side it looks out over our back yard to the green space and the other has a great view of the neighbors flowers.  My Mom made the curtains for me - yes my signature red.  The pendent light I got last month from Ballard's.  We have the recessed lights in the kitchen, I really wanted pendents over the island also, but the lights don't line up over the island right.  We added this new black sink and oil rubbed bronze faucet when we added the granite. By the faucet I have my PB pitcher.  I love, love this piece.  It usually has fresh flowers in it, but not today.  Does anyone else have any of the dishes from this set?  I want to order a  setting for 8, but so far have been able to talk myself out of it, but it is just a matter of time before it's mine!

Coming around the sink is the largest counter space which is about 12 feet.  On this side I have my toaster oven, which I use daily or it would be put away, then some canisters, a very cute tea pot lamp then some wine inspired decor.

Here is the cute little tea pot lamp, it was a gift from my Mom years ago. Still love it.

 Between the island and the back of the couch in the family room is the breakfast table.

Under the table I have this indoor/outdoor rug.  I ordered in on line, which I was a bit concerned about not being able to feel it.  I read all the reviews and everyone agreed it was soft.  I was pleasantly surprised that it did not feel rough at all, very soft. 
I hope you enjoyed the end of the kitchen tour.  This is my favorite room in our home.  I think it looks very warm and inviting. It has all the elements that I love -  granite, stone (slate), rich wood flooring and pops of warm colors.  At any gathering people always are hanging out at the island.  Oh, it's not a bad place to cook also!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Simple No Sew Pillows

Yes, it's been done and done. But not by me! A easy no sew pillow.  Barb at Grits and Glamour is having a Keep it Simple Party, which was just the push I needed to finish the pillows (yes, two of them!).  This is what I started with...

A half yard of material from Walmart ($1.74), already had the Heat & Bond and the transfer paper.  I found the monogram on line a while back (sorry, don't remember where). Also had the stuffing left over from another project.  So this was simple and cheap!

 I really went simple..easy. No measuring, just folded in half, cut  and then ironed smooth. Then I folded in the bottom and sides, ironed...easy!  Next I put the monogram on, and you guessed.. ironed.

Then it was time to add the Heat & Bond to the sides...

Then there was only the stuffing left and the last side to "bond up".  So what do you think?

Simple, cute, kind of project! I can't wait to see what you did!

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Hello everyone and welcome to a new week.  The Mister is out of town on business this week.  Boston, I sure wish I could of tagged along.  J is on Fall Break this week.  Yes, already six weeks of school under his belt.

I am going to share my thrifty finds for the week.  I lucked up and found two very cute soup tureens.  I have been looking for what seems likes years to find even one.

The one on the right has pretty handles and a design around the edge, with a stripe pattern all over.  So cute. The one on the left has the fruit pattern around it and an apple for the lid top - just perfect for this time of the year.  This is the one that got chipped up less then a block from home. Ugh...Coming to my house is a blind curve that immediately goes into a steep hill down.  When I got to the top of the hill to start down there was a fire truck backing up the hill!  I slammed on my breaks and the bag with the tureen went crashing to the floor.   I am alright except for shaking like a leaf!  The tureen got chipped at the very top by the lid.  That is the white stuff you see on my island - chip tureen!

At lease I can turn the chip to the back and you want even be able to tell.  Here is a close up of the cute apple shaped handle for the lid.  So sweet!

 The tureens where only $4.74 each.  Score! I also found this new "old carpenters tool box" for only $1.74.  I am going to paint and distress  to give it some character.

I also want to show you my new flying pig.  I LOVE flying pigs.  They are just so fun.  Mr. Pig was not found at the thrift store, but for $15, I count him as a thrifty find. He was found at Kirklands.

He is heavy for his size, just like a pig should be. Yes, it was love at first sight!  I hope you enjoyed my finds for this week.  Did you find anything you have been on the hunt for?  Or did you find something you did not even know you needed until you saw it?  Make it an amazing day!


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Living Room Dressed for Fall

Today I thought I would share some more of my fall decor.  This time in the living room.  I shared the fall decor of the  mantel/family room and the kitchen here if you would like to take a look. It has been such a beautiful weekend, with the highs in the low 70's.  This change in weather has really gotten me in the mood for changing the house up for a new season.

This is a side table in the living room.  I have the pot of orchids raised on a piece of architectural detail.  I love all the detail on this lamp, but it was a little short for the space, so I just raised it on a couple of books.  The little pumpkin was a find at GW for less then $1.00.  It is kind of a strange pumpkin since the steam is very long, but I thought it gave it character.

I love how the light shines through the bottle casting colorful shadows on the table.  Just beautiful!

On the coffee table in the living room I have this silver bucket full of dollar store pumpkins.  The silver bucket was another GW find for less then $5.00.

On the other end of the coffee table I have a black leather tray with a vase of faux hydrangeas,  a  cloche with angles . The angels where a gift from my MIL years ago. Then I have a large candle stick.  The candlestick was another GW find.  It still had the Kirkland sticker for $30, I paid $5.  It is a very large candlestick with lots of great details.

I hope ya'll enjoyed the tour of the living room.  Have you started your fall decorating yet?   Hope you make today amazing.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall around the house

Happy Saturday!  I hope ya'll are having beautiful weather like we are here in GA.  It is around 70 degrees, so it really is starting to feel like fall.  I have finished most of my fall decorating.  I am working on a couple of new pillows for the front porch rockers, and I hope to pick up a couple of pumpkins tomorrow.  That should finish the front porch up.  For now I will share some of the inside displays. 

The mantel is always my favorite place to decorate for each season.  I have some cute little pumpkins on candle sticks, some glittery acorns on top of a couple of books for height and of course candles.  It just would not be fall without some yummy smelling candles, these are apple & cinnamon. I bought a couple of pretty vines from Michaels and tied them together to give them a bit more presence. Above the mantel I have an arrangement in a wall pocket.  I had it hanging with command hooks  - never again.  It fell, gouged my new wood floors, scratched the wall and the adhesive pulled the paint off.  The Mister came home and put a nail in the wall, not really what I wanted done, but oh well.

Above the mantel I have this really pretty arrangement in a wall pocket.

That is the mantel, unless I change it - which could happen!  I will show you a few random shots from around the house.

This is also in the family room, on the coffee table.  You can see the Mister's pride & joy in the back ground - all his video/audio equipment.  I do have to admit, he can rock the house!

This is the breakfast table.  I love the roosters, they where a GW find earlier this summer.  I should of turned the TV off.

This is the kitchen island that I showed you in my last post.  Added this arrangement that I picked up at HomeGoods this week - I wish your screen had scratch and sniff because it really smells wonderful!


This jar of pumpkins sits in the family room on a shelf that holds CDs/DVDs.  I have a digital frame sitting on some red books along with a pot of greenery.  Well a quick little tour to show what I have done in the family room/kitchen area. 

Thanks for all that stopped by for my Kitchen Tour.  I really appreciate all the lovely comments, and special thanks to my new followers.  I have not forgotten the last part of the kitchen, just got very busy this week.  I have the pictures just need to do the post. 

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kitchen Tour - Part 1

Hello all, hope you had a wonderful weekend.  We had a great weekend.  The Mister went fishing, I did a little shopping, and J was a typical teenage boy, which means gaming!  I thought I would show you the kitchen today.  We have been in our home six years,  although we were able to pick all flooring, countertops, tiles, etc.,  the choices were not always what I wanted.  We have been slowly upgrading here and there, mostly in the kichen since it is the center of our home.  We have a very open floor plan.  When you come in the front door there is a foyer with the living room to the right and dining room to the left.  From the front door when you look into the dining room you can see all the way into the kitchen.

The picture above is standing just inside the kitchen area.  The showpiece of the kitchen is this 6x5 island.  The first update we did was add granite.  The builder had only about 8 choices and since I was not in love with any of them, we opted for laminate.  We have added "Red Dragon" to the island.  It is a beautiful red with black veining.

We painted the island black just before the new floors where laid a few weeks ago.  It really pops with the red granite and reddish floor.   This side of the island has six shelves.  As you can guess, I am always adding and removing items from this area.  Here is how it looks now.

On the other side of  the island, coming out of the dining room is the kitchen desk area.  This is where we charge laptops, i phones, i pods - you know all those things we cannot live without, but have those pesty cords! On all the rest of the countertops we did "Black Galaxy".

Next to the desk is the fridge,  pantry and then the double ovens.  I wanted black appliances, I know most people prefer stainless, just not for me.

Looks like I have ran out of room, so I will continue the rest of the kitchen tomorrow.  I hope you enjoyed the kitchen so far and will come back for the rest. Thanks for all that stopped by to see my Secretary and left such sweet comments.

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