Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Water damage..

So a few Saturday mornings ago I woke up to a rather large puddle of water around the fridge, under the fridge and in the pantry . So of course, I yelled for the Mister to come downstairs NOW.  The water dispenser had dripped all.night.long. My hardware floors where waterlogged. Ughhh. The Mister was able to repair the valve on the back of the fridge which took care of the leak.  It's a bit hard to tell from the above picture, but the floor is now uneven and discolored.  The picture below is a picture of undamaged floor in the foyer.
The wood sample is Asian Hickory in cinnamon which will be  installed in the next week or so. I love that it has wider planks and the color has both lighter and darker reds with almost black streaks through out. Right now we have carpet in the formal living room, dining room and the family room. We are going to have these rooms also changed to the new wood.  I am so excited. Also a little worried about how dirty this process is going to be.  On the estimate in big, bold words " This is an extremely dusty process." And they estimate 10 hours of clean up. Wow. Ten hours! Wish me luck. Have any of you had flooring ripped and laid will a house full of furniture?  Any suggestion or comments are very welcome : )  Did I mention I am healing from a broken femur bone? Let the fun begin.

Thanks for all of  you stopped by and took a look at my roosters & chickens.  The comments made me smile and feel very welcome in blog land.  Thanks again.

PS - I will work on my picture taking skills.


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Babs said...

Toni,Oh, NO. That happened to us many years ago, but fortunately at that time we hadn't had the wood floors put in. Yikes! 10 hrs cleanup? Are they going to tape off the doors and windows? I hope so.
Good luck and hope your femur heals soon.