Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Table

Hello everyone! I thought I would share the table I got as an early Christmas present this year. I have this corner in the family room that no matter what I put there it always seemed empty. With this new table it does not look like a forgotten corner!

On the list of "to do" is finally find register covers that do not stick out like a sore thumb! On the table I placed my two favorite heavy iron angel girls. Look at their sweet faces..

They sit on some old books tied with a white ribbon, and next to the angels is a large jack.
Another picture of their sweet, believing faces! Behind them I have a large candlestick and to one side a curvy jar of vase filler and the other a orchid.
Yes, this table is so much better in this corner then anything I have tried before. On to the next design challenge!
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Sun burst mirror

I have been trying to post since Sunday. This new blogger interface was doing some weird things and still will not let me go to the old interface. Why, oh why do they have to change things?!

Anywho, I had signed up for several different "deal of the day" sights. I have always loved sun burst mirrors so when came up that I liked I ordered. Well when it came one of the rays was broken. The company sent me another, which was also damaged. So now I have two damaged mirrors at no cost.

So I decided to try painting it to cover up the damaged. I used some left over paint from the guest room.

I really liked the way it turned out. I like the way it gave it a less intense look. Here is a look at one painted and one not.

Super easy and fast project. This will be going over the bed in the guest room. I finally finished painting the head board for the guest room. I am getting so excited - I am almost ready to start putting the room together.



Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year, New Projects

Wow, time flies.  I got so caught up in the holiday season,  packing up all the Christmas decor, Justin getting his freshman package for high school (yikes!) and my Mom planning on moving to GA... Well my plate has been full.  Things have slowed down some now, and I even have a few things to share.  A few months ago I told ya'll I was updating the main guest room, my design block was the bedding. The bed sits so high that I need custom, but really did not want to spend the money as I have two huge projects this year.  I decided to take down that bed and use Justin's old one that has been in the basement for the last year.  I started painting it last Sunday, and it has been a bear!  I have just about talked myself out of doing the foot board.  Anywhoo  - should be back later today with the headboard and a few other things to share.

My two big projects for this year is redoing the master bath  - tile, fixtures, lights - everything.  I am so excited!  I have lots of research to find just the right touch of classic/timeless with a little trend/fun thrown in.  The other big project is the master bedroom  - hey, really can you do one without the other?   We hope to get started on these projects the first of April - after Mike's busy time of year.

Off to visit and see what you have been up to!  Please come back later to see what I have been up to!