Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ripping up the floor

Happy Wednesday!  Today I thought I would show you the mess from last Monday when the first floor was being ripped up - and some more pictures of  the new floor.  The mess will make you say Wow! 

This is all the old wood from the kitchen and breakfast area. The carpeted area is where most of the furniture was placed/piled up.  The men who did the floors where really great, they had to keep shuffling furniture.  The did not scarch or break anything. 

It took most of Monday to get the floor and carpet removed.  And only two days to lay all the flooring and move the furniture back.  They had estimated ten hours of cleaning, and it took every hour of that time.

Here is a picture of the last little bit of floor to be laid.  They did a really amazing job.

Here is a picture from the breakfast area looking into the dining room.  J, my teenage son, was so upset when we told him all  the carpet was coming out downstairs.  He kept saying he likes the soft carpet.  As I told him, when he is home 99% of the time he spends in his room.  When he got home from school, he said he wanted hardwood floors in this room!  Funny kid.

This is in the Mister's office. The floor looks great, but look at that dusty desk! Told you it tooks hours of dusting everything - furniture, pictures, window sills - and windows, the walls.  I have finally got all the box's unpacked, so I will be showing you the rest of the dining room soon. 

Thanks for stopping by to have a look.  Make it an amazing day.

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Chlvie said...

Hi Toni,

Beautiful! I was looking through your pictures and your home looks so pretty with all you have done.

I will be back to check things out!!

Natasha in Oz said...

Those floors really are gorgeous! I bet you must be so happy that you went through all of this to get them. We have just been through a floor renovation and it was a nightmare but when I look at it now it was definitely worth the dirt, dust, pain etc!

Best wishes,

Love Of Quilts said...

Your floors look great... you will just love them. Trish

Helen's Decor said...

Toni, your dining room is outstanding! I love your furniture and it looks lovely with the new flooring. Thanks for visiting my blog.