Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Bicycle built for four...

Hello everyone! I have been playing on my front porch again. With the Fourth of July coming up and my new bicycle planter I needed to update the porch again.

I just love this little bike planter built for four plants!  I still can't believe my sister gave it to me! I planted the three larger baskets with Double Inpatients.  This is first time I have tried my hand at them.  They are so pretty - looks almost like miniature  roses. In the smaller basket I planted some Creeping Jenny.

I bought the flowers on Friday and it rained all weekend, which knocked off most of the blooms.

I added some flags, star wands and the Dollar Store center piece to add some Fourth of July celebration to the porch.

What's more American then the flag and bicycles?!

The rest of the porch stayed pretty much the same except for some more flags.  Hope you enjoyed the new additions to the porch.  Thanks so much for stopping by, your comments really make my day.



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Laundry Room Update

Hello all! I can't believe this is my second post of the day - I have never done that before.  I have been collecting a few things to update my laundry room.  It was functional, but not very pretty.  Here's a before:

Wow, this looks even worse in the picture.  But, truly nothing really cheerful, and a little bit messy.

Better already! I hung a couple of flower pictures and placed all the clothes hangers at the end over the dryer.

I then added a basket with this cute sign wired to the front - "Clean Single Looking for a Mate".  Makes me smile just looking at it.  Hopefully this will make the lost sock want to be back with its mate! lol I also added a small glass jar for all the loose change I collect - if they leave it in their pockets it's mine!!

On this side of the shelf I added another laundry sign and placed all my extra detergents, softener,etc, in the basket.  I always have so much detergent - every time it is on sale I buy it whether needed or not!

On the other end of the shelf is a glass jar full of clothes pins, the Fleur de lis and another basket to hide extra supplies.

While cleaning out the baskets on the shelf I found this two striped rugs, thought they would work for in front of the washer/dryer. I am going to sew them together tonight.

The last thing I did was change the cover of the ironing board.  This was the Misters from before we where married. It had burns on it and all kinds of Navy iron ons. He was not happy I changed it - said there was a lot of memories on that cover. Maybe I should go get it out the trash? Thanks for stopping by to see the updated laundry room. I really love to read all your comments.


Shopping in NC

 Hello! I went to NC to help my sister decorate her new (to her) home.  This is the first home she has ever bought.  Her husband was in the Air Force and most of their time was spent in Okinawa, Japan.  In January he was sent to Korea for a year, after only one week he was found dead in his room. They have a 5 year old son and a 8 year old daughter. So what should of been a fun and happy occasion has been full of ups and downs for her.  I normally would not share such personal information, but just another reminder to thank our soldiers and always hug your loved ones tight and not take them for granted.

OK - now for some fun stuff. We did a lot of shopping!  Here are a few of the things I picked up.  Love the little wooden basket.


This is a close up of the wooden basket - love the curvy design along the sides. This was only $6!

And this is the way it looks today.

Filled with beautiful hydrangeas - just looking at them make me smile!

I love all the different shades of pink, violet and white.  These where picked from next door. The house is empty and for sale, so this year I have had an abundance of flowers. I have loved it!!

I also got this very large cloche - 18 inches high. I can't wait to play with this today. It was also a bargain at $10!  The prices in this area where so reasonable, next time I will bring the truck with me!

These shiny white fruits where also a steal at $4.50. They have already found a home on the bookcase on the side of the island.

This so cute bicycle planter was in my sisters front yard when she moved in, she did not like it so home it came with me. A trip to Home Depot is on the agenda today to find some pretty flowers to fill it's four baskets.  Thanks, Sis!!

That is just a few of the many things I picked up. My sister got some great deals also. Including a industrial cart coffee table and a beautiful hutch.  I will share these soon.

Thought I would share the hydrangeas  that came out of my yard.  My hydrangea bush is so large that right now it has over thirty blooms on it.  

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate the visit and the time you take to leave me a comment.


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