Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Hello everyone and welcome to a new week.  The Mister is out of town on business this week.  Boston, I sure wish I could of tagged along.  J is on Fall Break this week.  Yes, already six weeks of school under his belt.

I am going to share my thrifty finds for the week.  I lucked up and found two very cute soup tureens.  I have been looking for what seems likes years to find even one.

The one on the right has pretty handles and a design around the edge, with a stripe pattern all over.  So cute. The one on the left has the fruit pattern around it and an apple for the lid top - just perfect for this time of the year.  This is the one that got chipped up less then a block from home. Ugh...Coming to my house is a blind curve that immediately goes into a steep hill down.  When I got to the top of the hill to start down there was a fire truck backing up the hill!  I slammed on my breaks and the bag with the tureen went crashing to the floor.   I am alright except for shaking like a leaf!  The tureen got chipped at the very top by the lid.  That is the white stuff you see on my island - chip tureen!

At lease I can turn the chip to the back and you want even be able to tell.  Here is a close up of the cute apple shaped handle for the lid.  So sweet!

 The tureens where only $4.74 each.  Score! I also found this new "old carpenters tool box" for only $1.74.  I am going to paint and distress  to give it some character.

I also want to show you my new flying pig.  I LOVE flying pigs.  They are just so fun.  Mr. Pig was not found at the thrift store, but for $15, I count him as a thrifty find. He was found at Kirklands.

He is heavy for his size, just like a pig should be. Yes, it was love at first sight!  I hope you enjoyed my finds for this week.  Did you find anything you have been on the hunt for?  Or did you find something you did not even know you needed until you saw it?  Make it an amazing day!


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Kathe said...

I am always on the hunt for tureens and you found 2!! So sad about the chip but it just gives it character and you have a story to go with it. Kirklands is my mother-in-laws favorite place to shop. I may have to go with her and look for a flying pig of my own. Have a good week.


Marigene said...

Love the tureens...I looked for a couple of years for a white tureen before I found the first one...all of a sudden it seems like each time I go into a thrift store I find one! I now have seven different ones, and still looking for more!

Anny said...

Aww so sorry about the chipped tureen but at least the prettier one (and you!) were safe :)

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

I was coveting the tureens...until I saw the flying pig! I love him!

You found yourself some treasures, girl!

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Hi Toni! What awesome finds you came up with! The tureens are beautiful...even with the chip. Just imagined the story you can tell! Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving your sweet comments. I truly appreciate it. Have a great day!

Love Of Quilts said...

Now this was one fabulous fine and two of them. I two have been looking for a soup tureen for a long long time your really got lucky. I know I won't use it so I want to fine a cheap one just for know what I'm talking about. Trish

Jann Olson said...

Hi Toni,
Wow, how lucky to find two. I love that they are both white. Great to start a collection. Dang, sorry that it got chipped. Hey, I've done stuff like that plenty. Decided that I'm worse than the grandies. lol! Thanks for visiting my blog. Now following you.

Ivy and Elephants said...

What a cute piggy! I too have a flying pig in my kitchen. I always reminds me that anything can happen.
Sorry about your tureen, but you can't see it under the lid, so it's still cute.Great finds!

lvroftiques said...

Hi Toni!
So nice to find another blogger who loves to thrift! *winks* Don't you just love how when it rains it pours sometimes?! Two tureens in one day and at such amazing prices? You SCORED! Sorry about the chip but really no big deal. Love your flying pig too! Vanna/ your newest follower

Kathleen said...

I had to laugh at my friend Marigene's comment above. I call her the tureen queen! She keeps buying them!
I am so sorry one of them chipped. Can you repair it with zap a crack from Michael's?